Hi everyone, I’m feeling very guilty for not posting in some time. Work has been mounting up over the summer holidays and its now crashing down like a tonne of bricks. I haven’t had much time to do anything but the very essential: coursework, related study, reading. All help to get me the grades but help me to write? Not so much.

Anyway I have managed to do some writing. Very little mind you. I’ve made it to the middle of chapter two of my story which is further than I thought I’d get considering that I was even thinking of starting until next year. It’s taking its time because I’m still trying to find the characters voice: the way they speak and think as well as the tone and atmosphere I want to create and since there’s four characters – all written in 1st person – I have to do it four times!

That aside I am enjoying myself. I’ve recently started to also consider short stories. Something that I could complete in a shorter amount of time, you know just to give me the feeling of accomplishment. I have a few ideas, and a couple of options in   terms of publication: magazines,…here.

Hopefully now that I’ve got my coursework well on the to completion I should have more time to do writing on the side…and blog posts! So what advise have you got for writing short stories? How do you plan? How do you write them? I look forward to reading your feedback. 

See ya 

Author: A Road to Writing

Typewriter obsessed romantic who can think of nothing better than writing, coffee, music, and the odd remedial shot of tequila.

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