A Road to Writing

As I said before, I’m not very good at maintaining blogs. I’ve had many embarrassing, failed attempts in the past; some haven’t even made it past the title! Perhaps it’s because I don’t know how to write blogs, maybe it’s because I concern myself more with the numbers than the actual writing or maybe it’s because I go all hardcore and then fizzle out after that fifth, unengaging and waffly post. Hopefully not this time.

So after a little thought, I’ve decided to start this blog the way which seems most blindingly obvious – an introduction. So how do I do that? Instantly that issue of being a novice to blogging emerges before I’ve even published my first post. Too many questions all with one answer – practice. Practice and experience are what will make me a better writer and that is exactly what I intend  to use this blog to do. Not to help me become a better blogger, but to help me become a better writer.

I want to write something every day, that’s my aim, even if what I write is rubbish. I may not post every day, I can tell already that that’s not possible. I’m forgetful, busy and the pressure of posting every day will likely result in what happened many times before – an abandoned blog with a handful of shitty posts. I’ll post anything I feel is worth posting, writing whatever comes to mind; what I’m thinking, what I’m feeling.

So how will I get over those other problems? If writing a blog itself is what was the problem last time then this blog  with some luck will rectify that. Fingers crossed I’ll receive encouragement and feedback to help me get better. What about that number obsessed aspect of blogging? Well, all I can say is that this time, my focus will be on improving my writing – something I can achieve without those page views. If any of you have tips for writing blog posts or writing in general then please comment below, they will all be greatly appreciated.


P.S. I can tell already that I’m not going to get along with this Grammarly application – too thorough for my liking.

Author: A Road to Writing

Typewriter obsessed romantic who can think of nothing better than writing, coffee, music, and the odd remedial shot of tequila.

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